Fimi X8 SE Battery Life Test (Outdoor flying/Indoor hovering) #SamiLuo


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Full Fimi X8 SE Indoor Hovering Test:
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If you are wondering the difference with DJI Mavic Air, here is the article:


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  1. Battery-life is as promissed. 30 minutes is more then enough for me. Prop-sound inside is not too load. I hope you will do a sound test outside. Curious how much dB it produces. Thanks a lot for this test.

  2. Simply awesome. The question mark is on the image quality. If it is good, we have a game changer in front of us.

  3. Camera comparison with the dji mavic air and dji mavic pro, that would be great.

  4. Can you explain why Gearbest is not accepting the sale of fimi x8 to Brazil? right now that a coupon leaves and the price drops to 426 dollars they do not let agent buy, sinseramente this end of year was very bad for us Brazilians, all the stores made a question of increasing the freights 100% and prohibit sending other products

    • Com esse excesso de taxas e burocracia, nenhuma loja sente confiança! Brasil é uma merda!

    • +Samuel P. Barbosa correto mesmo amigo, meu primeiro drone ta sendo complicado viu

  5. Thank you for battery life test. 30+ minutes is more than enough. Next time would like to hear prop/motor sound without music. The little I heard was good…no chirping/squeaking like the a3. Not sure how loud it is? Hope you could test out features soon. Thanks again.

  6. Co drží tento Drone ve stabilizované poloze v budově když není stabilizovaný GPS ?

  7. Hi Sami, please can we get a Fimi for review? Many in Europe are interested in this new drone but are yet to see a European review of it!

    • Hey bro, i know your channel. I've already forwarded your message to them 😀 hopefully they can process very soon

    • +Sami Luo you star, and you'll get a mention and channel link if I get to review one!! Also make them aware that I run two Mavic Pro group with over 55k members, this drone could be a Mavic killer if it's good!!

  8. How loud is this outside compared to say the parrot anafi or Mavic air? I have it pre-ordered from gearbest but may cancel if it's as loud as the mi drone 4k!

  9. That's awesome. Amazing the evolution of an MD4K to FX8SE. It will leave DJI eating dust on sales with MAVIC AIR in the old MAVIC PRO

    • I'm repairing my Xiaomi mi4k drone right on, the camera is fixed and the upper and lower body needs to be replaced. All the parts are ready to go.

  10. Sami Luo, All that is missing now is a comparison or a complete test of the result that his camera delivers.

  11. Battery "light" only start flashing at 25 min flight time, excellent flight time already.

  12. Hello thanks for your video ! As everyone I want to know the noise produced by the drone , if you had heard drones like the Mavic Air or Anafi is it louder ? The drone doesn’t seem to produce the weird sound like the FIMI A3. Thanks a lot for your videos ! And hope you will do a sound testing ! Cheers

  13. Ciao Sami, perché quando fai queste prove fai vedere il drone sempre da una distanza che non si riesce a capire se è il drone che stai facendo vedere è quello di cui stai parlando ???

  14. Ey Sami congratulations but… I don't understand very well your review methods… First you give us and excellent fast review… And when all us are waiting for the test of flying and video fotage Quality you do two videos about range and battery timming… Of course its your decision, but for the expextative of ur suscriptors its a big disappointment… Sorry man!!!!

  15. Hi Sami, because when you do these tests you show the drone from a distance that you can not tell if it's the drone you're showing is what you're talking about?

  16. Wow, 33 minutes fly time is just fantastic! 🙂 Thanks for the amazing test video! By the way, did you charge the battery with the original charger, or you have used a special one?

  17. The mp2 lands at 27 mins inside and out and it time is rated at 31, the x8 has a awesome battery life , the only drone that does what it says in flight time except for parrot its says 25 and it does 25. Anyway great video , and happy new year.

  18. Can you do low-power RTH? It is v important for the safety of the drone and other people.

  19. Hey Sami,
    I am not able to find any kind of Timelapse Panorama or Hyperlapse footage
    Have you tried any of it ?
    Because i saw in the website they are advertising it but they do not have any kind of proof or footage.
    Thanks in advance.

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